Residential & Commercial Koi Pond Services

Aquatic Pond Service

Los Angeles Pond Service, Installation & Maintenance

Pond Service

Pond service is offered weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly depending on the size of your pond, fish intensity, the amount of plant life, and client wishes. This includes a partial or full water change, filter and pump cleaning, and a full pond skim. This will remove debris and build-up from the pond. We will also give a complete fish health checkup and more.

Aquatic Intensive Cleaning Service

Intensive Cleaning

An intensive cleaning is recommended for pond owners who’s ponds have not been previously maintained and are in critical condition. This service includes a complete water change, a complete algae scrub, a pressure wash if needed, and extensive trimming and landscaping of all vegetation. For the best cleaning we give an individualized chemical treatment of pond water with beneficial bacteria, water clarifier, plant fertilizer, and pond water conditioners.

Aquatic Gardens Filter & Pump Service

Filter & Pump Installation

For customers that need to replace a filter and/or pump, we offer this service. We install biochemical filters, UV sterilizers, exterior pumps, and submersible filters and pumps. IF you are unsure of what filtration system is best for your pond, we will be happy to evaluate your pond needs, and give a recommendation. We also repair broken filters and pumps.

Aquatic Gardens Other Pond Services

Additional Services Offered

We offer free service estimates, written proposals may be at an additional charge. We also consult and design new ponds and offer consultation for new filtration systems.

24 hour emergency service

As a client receiving regular pond service you are also entitled to 24 hour emergency service calls. Your pond and fish are our main priority, if they are in need of immediate attention then call us any time and we will send out a pond service technician immediately.

Pond resurfacing

If your pond has a crack that needs to be resurfaced and sealed then give us a call!

Aquatic Gardens Other Pond Services

Fish Transportation

If you are moving and need to have your fish transported to your new home or business then we are here to help.

Fish Disease and Parasite Treatment

All of our service technicians are well trained in fish health. We can diagnose and treat all fish parasites including flukes, fish lice, anchor worms, and more. We can also diagnose and treat fish diseases.

Aquatic Gardens Other Pond Services

Aquatic Plants

Do you have water plants in your outdoor or indoor garden/koi pond? No? Maybe it’s time to get one or more. Aquatic plants are gorgeous, interesting, and pretty easy to look after. Call us for your next Aquatic Plant.

Bonsai Tree

Bonsai Tree Management

As purveyors of Japanese-inspired beauty, Aquatic Gardens offers a remarkable selection of bonsai trees to enhance your home or business. Immerse yourself in the artistry of bonsai; it can be a perfect addition to your Japanese-themed garden or koi pond. Contact our office to learn more.