The Best Oxygenating Aquatic Pond Plants

Koi pond with aquatic plants floating on the surface.

The Best Oxygenating Aquatic Pond Plants

Oxygenating aquatic pond plants enhance the health and beauty of any koi pond. These water plants provide a range of benefits to koi and other aquatic life. Indeed, aquatic plants are an essential component of any thriving pond ecosystem. In today’s article, we will briefly discuss why oxygenating aquatic plants are important, list the top five water plants for ponds, and offer tips to help you maintain a healthy koi pond.

Why Oxygenating Aquatic Plants Are Important

Aquatic plants produce oxygen through photosynthesis, which helps keep pond water oxygenated and promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria that break down organic waste. Always having oxygenated water in your koi pond will ensure your koi remain healthy, allowing them to not only breathe, but thrive in their environment.

Top 5 Water Plants for Ponds

Hornwort – This aquatic plant creates the perfect environment for fish to spawn. Hornwort emits a hormone that prevents and mitigates algae growth, and it is considered a “cleaner” in the pond ecosystem. You can purchase aquatic plants like hornwort from Aquatic Gardens.

Anacharis – A hardy and fast-growing aquatic plant, anacharis competes for the same nutrients algae need, stifling excess algae growth in the pond. This water plant usually prefers to grow in deep water, though it can sometimes thrive on the surface. Anacharis gives koi places to hide from predators and acts as a natural water filter and pump.

Waterweed – Waterweed is a fast-growing water plant that competes with algae for nutrients and sunlight. Except for its white flowers, waterweed remains submerged in ponds, serving a dual purpose as a food source for various aquatic life.

Parrot’s Feather – This versatile aquatic plant is easy to care for and proliferates quickly in koi ponds that are in full to moderate sunlight during the day. It gives koi a place to hide and helps filter impurities from the water. Parrot’s feather can grow underwater or float on the surface; however, it must remain submerged to effectively oxygenate the water.

Water Hyacinth – Water hyacinth is a floating water plant that provides shade for fish and helps keep algae at bay. This aquatic plant acts as a natural water filtration system, absorbing excess nutrients in the water. These traits means adding water hyacinth plants will protect your koi pond from algae growth, and koi sometimes will use their roots as a food source.

Other Considerations for Maintaining a Healthy Koi Pond

In addition to aquatic plants, proper water filtration and circulation systems are essential to have in a koi pond. You can control algae growth by incorporating aquatic plants to your pond, use chemical treatments, or introduce algae-eating fish to your pond. Maintain a healthy ecosystem for your koi by following a regular maintenance schedule, which should include changing the water and cleaning the filter system at appropriate times.


Aquatic plants are an essential component for healthy koi ponds, providing a range of benefits to fish and other aquatic life. Adding one or more of the top five water plants on this list can greatly enhance your koi pond’s beauty and health.

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