How to Keep Koi From Eating Your Aquatic Pond Plants

Beautiful Koi fish in a healthy pond

How to Keep Koi From Eating Your Aquatic Pond Plants

If you have a koi pond, you know how beautiful they can be, especially when they are full of unique aquatic plants. But if your koi are eating all your plants, it can be hard to enjoy the beauty of your water feature, and eventually, it can even destroy the environment of your koi pond. Your koi pond needs water plants to be as beautiful and zen-like as possible, so you want to do what you can to prevent the underwater plants from being eaten by your beautiful koi.

What Do Koi Eat?

To prevent this issue, the first thing you need to understand is what koi eat. You want to make sure that your koi have enough to eat, so they will not start eating your plants, and you want to choose aquatic plants that are not in the regular diet of koi.

Generally, koi will eat various foods, from algae and seeds to insects and even crustaceans. But they will also eat some plants, depending on the type and situation. Your koi may also eat flakes or pellets that provide sufficient nutrition to function correctly in your koi pond. When your koi have plenty of food available, they will be much less likely to eat the plant life in your pond. You want to make sure that you feed your koi enough and that you do not provide an excess of food that they cannot finish, as that can lead to the build-up of algae in the water. When your koi have the food they need, they should not look for water plants or ponds that they can add to their diet.

How to Keep Koi From Eating Aquatic Plants

When you have done the work to find pond plants for sale and added them to your pond’s ecosystem, you do not want them to disappear. Luckily, you can take action to make sure that your aquatic plants are safe from your koi. Koi like to explore, and often this will cause them to taste various elements in their surroundings. If you notice that they are nibbling at the roots of your water plants, you should use large rocks to cover the roots completely. That way, you can keep the plants you have and avoid finding out where to buy aquatic plants to replace your old ones.

Your pond will be safe and beautiful when your koi are well fed and protected by your aquatic plants. You should also make sure that the food you choose for your fish is small enough for them to eat. If they cannot eat their food, they will be much more likely to seek out your plants for nutrition, and you will need to buy pond plants as replacements.


Adding new plant life to your koi pond will only increase the beauty of your fantastic water feature. Whether you are just starting your koi pond or trying to prevent existing plants from being eaten, you want to make sure that your koi are well fed and no roots are exposed. Then you can add other water plants to your collection by finding koi pond plants for sale at Aquatic Gardens. Visit our website today to see what we are currently offering, and how we can help you with all of your koi pond needs.